20 évvel ezelőtt találkoztam azzal a tudományos elmélettel, hogy a világunk holografikus szerkezetű és pont ekkor kezdtem bele a meditációimba. Eltelt 20 év, én 0-24-ben tudományos szemlélettel meditáltam, a tudomány pedig kezdi kezdi elfogadni a gyakorlatban is az elméletet. | I came across the scientific theory that our world is holographic 20 years ago and that's when I started my meditations. 20 years have passed, I have been meditating 0-24 with a scientific approach and science is beginning to accept the theory in practice.

How do I get started?

I spent almost 20 years in an apartment, where I realized that my performance was unique and unrepeatable, as far as the performance behind me is concerned. Before that I had a few head injuries after which I managed to reorganize my knowledge that the result was always better than it was. I have also realized that I have a spiritual mutation that has no matching pair. Despite these, I go to the esoteric path on my individual path and want to stay on it. 

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with those interested in a concise, concise and understandable way.

Why home and alone

If I had access to this website at that time, I would go a completely different way. In retrospect, it is not worth philosophizing what it would have been, but I will surely avoid some of the life situations I came to because I was collecting data and looking for evidence of the existence of the spiritual world. Scientifically oriented divine research can only be one of those who are not baptized, yet are interested in the field. My workmanship is definitely good for everyone to compare with their own faith and knowledge, because here there is an independent research of everything and everybody that has the result, but it goes far beyond the level of understanding everyday reality.

I can safely say that nobody needs priests, gurus, masters to develop themselves and get spiritual initiations that everyone believes can only be obtained from there. These initiations represent a value that they are for others. It is better for you to deal with these issues yourself and you do not have to put your trust in people you don't know about, just believe what you believe.

What to strive for

If you are serious about this, you should note the following. You are losing your life so far and you are losing the people that surround you today. You may also not think seriously, but in this case, you will be thinking seriously later and these will be valid for you. It happened to me that when I first got in touch with it, I realized that it was a real thing, but I felt early and 10 years passed in the physical world before I got inside. You will lose the people around you because you will undergo an internal development that they will not understand and will only be accepted by those who do not see a role in you, from which they also benefit, but also accept when you change.

My advice is:
1. Create the material conditions for a longer meditation cycle so that you are not exposed to anyone. During this time, your primary goal is to open and discover your Inner World. This can only be done in solitude, while you must be independent of the outside world. If you can't get enough money to go to a home for years, look for people who will take care of you without putting stress on you. That's why people went to the monastery for a long time, but I'm talking about an individual path that can't be walk with buddies.
2. Disconnect your doorbell, remove the battery of your mobile phone, even the SIM card and put it in a drawer. Don't call anyone back and open the door to no one. Since the enemy aspect of your Heart and Ego is starting to defend your old role, you will do everything to distract and disorient you from attempts by other people. To understand this, you will find it later when you realize that people are part of an invisible network of consciousness, which is already the realm of collective consciousness.
3. Of course, this is a process that can accelerate even if you are ready for it. Don't be frightened of what's happening in your head. Because your brain is the body that has much more sensation than you think at first and its development is actually one of your goals. Whatever I emphasize, whatever happens in your head, you will keep your inner calm because only the calmness is the only state in which you can bring out the most.
4. Do not fall over anyone and do not believe anyone. Believe in yourself and trust in yourself. You can trust someone else, but you should know (or feel) who, when and how long. Including me too, because you are also on an individual journey and me too. These paths can go together, but they will surely take another direction.
5. Start your meditation by reprogramming yourself. This is a time in which you take individual themes and think about them. Until you decide, what a particular thing is really important to you. It is worth to be honest with yourself, because if you scream yourself, you have to replace it later. There is nothing more than setting your value on yourself, and if you do it well, there will be less and less trembling in your legs after all.
6. It all depends on what you know and believe about the world. For a person living in Western civilization, the most favorable world interpretation is if the world you know is a holographic video game you play in. In this interpretation, it will be much easier to understand everything that has happened and will happen to you.
7. Although many gods are on the stage, you will still find God in yourself. Because every dimension is interpreted differently by God, you can only assure your stability on this path if you are looking for yourself.

What support can you get for me

If the world is a holographic video game, then it can be assumed that during this nearly 20 years I have created something that provides the right framework for this. Its name is ÉlményPark Holoplatform (Experience Park) and it's like a 3D projection holographic windows. But rather linux.