20 évvel ezelőtt találkoztam azzal a tudományos elmélettel, hogy a világunk holografikus szerkezetű és pont ekkor kezdtem bele a meditációimba. Eltelt 20 év, én 0-24-ben tudományos szemlélettel meditáltam, a tudomány pedig kezdi kezdi elfogadni a gyakorlatban is az elméletet. | I came across the scientific theory that our world is holographic 20 years ago and that's when I started my meditations. 20 years have passed, I have been meditating 0-24 with a scientific approach and science is beginning to accept the theory in practice.

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- What made you think of that?

- I was going through a difficult period, the main problem being that everything I came up with was ahead of its time. I had to find an area where that wasn't a problem.

- Why is it a problem if something is ahead of its time anyway?

- If you don't have a lot of money for it, you can't make a business out of it because the market doesn't understand it yet.

- Do they understand that?

- No, but it's to my advantage now.

- Why?

- Because it took about 20 years to do it and science has now got to the point where it's now accepted in practice.

- What was the area you found?

- Esotericism.

- What is the connection between esotericism and holograms?

- I think I am alone in this field at the moment. Or rather, there are now several people who I have inspired.

- How do you know that?

- I told you I was ahead of my time.

- What is this holo operating system?

- I came across a newspaper article. It was also when I got into esotericism.

- What's esoterica?

- If you cut off a tiny piece of a holographic image with scissors and shine a laser light on it, you won't see the tiny piece, but the whole image in miniature. If you look at a small slice of yourself inside yourself and illuminate it with an enlightened light, you will find the whole world inside yourself. The purpose of esotericism is to find that way.

- Why would you find the whole world within yourself?

- Because every element of the hologram contains all the information, you just have to find out how to access it.

- Can anyone access it?

- Not just like that. You have to develop yourself and your brain. Then you have to be able to adapt to the world of religions.

- How did you adjust?

- I looked at it from the outside and I still do. I am not even baptised. If I were religious, I would never have thought of making a holo operating system.

- Where is this operating system?

- I have installed it on the consciousness network of humanity. Well, not just humanity.

- How does this operating system relate to religions?

- It's controlling them. Technically, all religions are hologames. A holofantasy that the players extend to the level of reality. The operating system deals with the system itself and provides the framework.

- I don't fully understand this.

- Let's say that so far the Lord has been present with Windows and another operating system has arrived with the philosophy of Linux.

- So is it a religion?

- No. It's above them.

- Where was it made and who was involved? Who funded it?

- In Budapest, in an apartment, which in America would have been a garage, with individual and then community funding.

- What if you had been born in America?

- It might never have occurred to me to go beyond hardware. I might have been one of the many really fucking smart people who are now slapping themselves on the forehead about how it never occurred to them. But it would have been hard to get over the religious divide there.

- How does this operating system manifest itself in everyday life?

- It is coming to life and I am watching it with you.

- What is its purpose?

- At first it was to fix the bugs in Creation 1.0. It's a 3D projection capable holo operating system and if you look out your eyes you can see the latest version updated for free of course.

- What do you call Creation?

- The holo installation.

- Does the creation of matter equal the holo installation?

- There are religions and worldview philosophies that say the material world does not exist and is an illusion. This is perfectly true of the holographic worldview as confirmed by science.

- What is the evidence for this?

- If you hypnotically believe that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. If the world were what it looks like, this would be impossible. This thing is a refutation of objective reality. But if the world is a holographic video game that you live=play in, it is understandable and explainable. Without violating the rules of reality based on the common agreement of the rational brain. It just takes your understanding of the world one level further.

- You're not afraid to...

- No.

- I haven't even asked the question yet.

- The only way to get into esotericism is to conquer fear.

- What do you think is the root of fear?

- Boredom.

- I don't understand.

- You're not alone. Not so much that if one realizes this, one becomes a chosen one.

- Chosen to do what?

- The world restoration program.

- What's been said so far, I'd like to think about it now. When it' s settled, I'd like to continue the conversation.

- That's how initiations work. The first layer has to come up, and it has to bind before the next layer can be put on.


- How was the development done?

- With precise dreaming.

- What does that mean?

- I will try to answer briefly a question that others write books about. In my mind I created an Other Truth. Everything is logically connected to everything else according to a different understanding of the world. A system has been created that can control the world.

- How? You just imagined it?

- This is also a form of meditation.

- But meditation, I suppose, requires more than that, that you make something up in your head.

- Yes, the right level of consciousness.

- If one starts to think about something like that, can one create a third?

- It's better to get involved in developing this. As I said, it's made with the linux philosophy, so you can develop into it. Although 15 years out of 20 have essentially been spent on it, there is still room for improvement. If I take the operating systems you know as an example, all the applications you need are there, but many of them are version 1.0.

- How can we get involved in this?

- It used to be harder, now you can't avoid it.

- What I don't understand is how one person was able to see through this in your capacity?

- It took the insight of 20 years ago. I imagined the world as if it were a holographic game program that I was in and redesigned it.

- Like a game?

- Yes. With access, control, login system. The latter surprised the Sky. About a third of the way through development they realised something was wrong and that's when the fighting started on the higher dimensional battlefield. Everything would have been much better for all of us if they had stuck to the agreement. But I didn't know them at the time and I assumed what I think everyone assumed, that they were omniscient, advanced and superior beings. Although I could have reasoned that if everyone here is kneeling down and begging to them, then there is something wrong with that. But I had the good sense to build a guarantee into the agreement that if somebody broke the agreement, what would happen.

- Did they break it?

- I don't think they meant it when they put their stamp on it. I found out why later. If I am occupied by them, from then on they see me as part of themselves and everyone does what they want with themselves. That means they can revoke any agreement. But this time it stuck in their throats.

- Why was it broken?

- The big trouble with the world is that a few dimensions are stuck together on the 3D holographic frequency. This world, which you consider normal, is the result of an anomaly, i.e. a mistake. Someone had to understand this problem first, then interpret it and figure out a solution. Which can only be done in 3D, from the inside, and that did not work well in a hierarchical environment where you can only kneel and beg from below. Although my body stayed below, my consciousness went above and we are living in the times when they are realising this.

- What is the built-in guarantee?

- The agreement is only valid if its terms are met. If they are not, it is not valid. But then I would suddenly find myself in a situation where I was significantly over my capacity to do the job. I have already dealt with the question of cause and effect several times, I will not go into details now. However, it is a good example of how cause behaves in higher dimensions, because it places cause in the past. If you ask me why I got into this at the time, it is only the second cause that makes sense to the rational brain on the past-present-future timeline. The real reason is that from that perspective, I will face this problem sometime in the future and by the time I reach that point in time, I must have a solution ready or the world will end.

- Isn't that a bit of a stretch to say?

- The world is projected by the one whose consciousness is the highest. Of course, those who broke the agreement did not do so with bad intentions, they simply did not believe that someone below could come up with a solution more complex than themselves and set out to solve their own. What we are seeing in the world now, with the decline of democracy and the rise of populism, is a sign of this other solution.

- Are these the angels you speak of?

- The evidence of the convergence of the higher dimensions is that there are three one-gods in this world. And then we are not talking about the other religions because there are Hindus, Buddhists and I could go on. The angel is a human interpretation of certain spiritual beings who understand even less of the physical world, so they are played by aliens who are hooked up to a wider channel....

- What do you mean they understand even less of the physical world?

- It's just like here, not many people actually believe that spiritual reality exists. They don't really believe in the physical world either, i.e. the outside world. But just like here, there are trends that have built the channel.

- How do people reach this world?

- In a dream. Spiritual realities equal dream worlds.

- And that's what you've entered into?

- I did a more serious job than reaching in. We're at the beginning of our conversations, there's still little chance of you really grasping this. Just like I don't think you can really grasp that someone 0-24 has been doing this for 20 years.

- How could you do that?

- The sense of time is different when half your consciousness is outside of space-time.

- Now let's let that settle until our next conversation.


- I am still stuck on how it all started.

- In hindsight, they were unexpected three things. That I was serious, that I was that serious and that I was going to do it.

- Who are they?

- There's some serious conceptual confusion in this area, so let's agree on the name "celestials".

- Who are the actors in the conceptual confusion?

- The reason is more interesting. When you start meditating, everyone becomes celestial. But that can mean many things. If I say that right from the start there is the higher self, the angel, the guardian angel and you will meet gods, goddesses, not least god and the Lord, who are not even close to being one...

- I'm interested in this.

- I think the Lord is a position and whoever sits there is considered a god. That's how the one god problem was defended. The proof of this is that there are two covenants in the Bible, but people have been weaned off of speculating on such matters.

- How did you get to know this world?

- I am just getting to know it, because I have risen upwards quite quickly. As I come back I understand why I have risen so quickly, because these are very rigid and strict hierarchies. I don't think you have the faintest idea if you pray to them for a solution. They have no logic based rationale, i.e. no sense, no problem solving ability. The ones you know as helpers are at the level of indentured workers and many of them will never figure out which one of many you are.

- What did you seriously, so seriously and what did you do?

- When a prayer is said, it is considered a request in the hologram, using an official channel. Sometimes a mistake slips into the functioning of the institutional system set up for this purpose, because they do not really understand the individual consciousness and sometimes such a prayer gets through them and reaches the real spiritual beings. They do not really believe in the existence of the physical world either. I think what happened is that someone let go of a request with a strong emotional charge, which went straight to the high level of the hologram. Probably a request to God for the restoration of the world came from outside the religious context, if I were to translate it into a language that everyone could understand.

- I sense from your words that you treat religious institutions as separate from god.

- I would rather say that they refer to God but are far from it. I think that there has been an external intrusion at the higher dimensional levels that has reshaped the levels below to use the same sacral channel. Since no one on the sacral channel is questioning god, translating what comes from above, it was smooth sailing for the intruders until they came face to face with me, who am not religious. I'd say we're veering off the subject of the holo operating system quite a bit here, but we're veering on it now, because in the course of the fighting I've realised that it's a windmill fight and it's never going to end unless I figure something out. So I came up with a new system, the real reason for which was to rationalise my resources.

- Who was your helper?

- There was always some being or unspecified entity with whom I had the same goal vibrations. But basically it's a self-developed self-driving program, a more widely usable version of which is called MIA, and it's like a spiritual assistant. For self guiding you can use an app called holoGPS, if you don't want to run it automatically, if you don't even want an app I suggest Following Own Ray. Basically, everyone starts with a higher self who is the helper and no one knows if they are the angel and then who is the sun angel and who is the guardian angel. And I say, you're much better off summoning Winston Wolf instead (or you can use it's holo-radiator) and have someone like the Kitchen Nightmare to sort out your life with you.

- Why are these needed?

- Because the helpers are all part of some hierarchy and there are very few of them who will accept to help you with your own business. I once read a definition of a Native American god: "He guides your actions and obeys your will". Actually, that is the definition of a true Helper. I came across this at the beginning of my journey, it was a very effective collaboration. They didn't make it a vanity question of who was on top and who was on bottom and we were making good progress. Then I noticed that upstairs they started to change, everything became authoritarian and that's where the fighting started because I assumed they had been replaced. The result of the fighting was that I was essentially sentenced to death and my consciousness was shot out into the unknown. This is the reason why I rose so quickly in consciousness, and after taking possession of my body I learned spiritual warfare. They responded by isolating me in an apartment with no income and waiting for me to surrender. And I was able to meditate for 20 years. They stole my energies, I worked to restore the world and there was no problem until I had to suspend my work there to return. Because the conditions of the work had started to deteriorate and I needed to restore the world. The holo operating system comes back into the story because I needed a spiritual framework of my own if I was not to be at the mercy of them.

- How were the conditions of your work damaged?

- There are three basic conditions. The first is the continuous timeline of 3D, because the logical ordering of higher dimensional problems requires a succession of events, which is only possible on the 3D timeline. I've learned that they want to close down the physical world, maybe that's what many people call the end of the world. The other condition is complete calm, because any tension can cause serious destruction at the higher levels of the dimension. This has not been helped by the civilisational tension that I have had from the beginning of not being allowed to earn an income, but I have dealt with this by developing something for it even in the most difficult times. But that took a lot of self-belief. The third was a normal world around me, which I experienced the opposite of and the situation became so bad that I had to take action. And that brings us to the present day, which from above is just a point on the timeline.

- So is this holo operating system for your comeback or is it to restore the world?

- What do you mean by the world? Because if it's just the Earth, that's not enough. If it's the physical plane, that's fine, the name of that and therefore the name of the operating system is the ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark). That's what the name says most of all what the physical world is for, because a lot of spiritual beings misunderstand it and use it as a prison and hell. But the world is much more than that and goes beyond the holoplatform. But I have created a Pillar of Light from the 42nd dimensional down...

- Is this Pillar of Light the Pillar of Light I have heard of in esoteric circles?

- I've heard of it too and when I realised what level they actually are up there, it occurred to me that it wouldn't hurt if someone made a Plan B for it independent of them. My view of chance is that it is lawful in its cause, but random in its manifestation. Now here the randomness was an attempted assassination attempt on me, in which I managed to remain absolutely calm at the moment of my death in a life situation that gave me no reason to be calm at all, the result of which was that I was able to open the physical plane all the way up to the 42nd dimension. It looks like a vertical column of light, a closed system in which you can move between dimensional levels like an elevator. But I note in the meantime there are constant battles going on with these occupiers who thought that by having my body underneath them, they had everything. But it was just that I didn't have the time to deal with them yet, but now they've become the job.

- How do they see this tube in the higher dimensions?

- I communicate it by inventing TV and video games in one. Which is a relief for them, because boredom is a serious problem in the worlds of long-lived and eternal beings. The framework for this is the ÉlményPark, the physical world and its associated dream realms.

- Let's backtrack for a moment, I got stuck on the fact that you were talking about your death.

- I started researching death after the head-on car accident. But I could also be a dream researcher and a divine researcher. Death does not exist in a higher dimension, it only exists in the world of individuals. The Outworld is part of the Dream in a technical sense, where each person is a networked endpoint in their own reality. Only you believe that the soul goes outwards because you only live in the outside world and the illusion of reality is so strong.

- So death is like an awakening from that perspective?

- One reality is only one story of the Dream.

- You said we've just arrived at our present day. What does that mean?

- My web pages are not the systematic recollections of an old mud-eyed stingray, but a living documentation of processes on the web. To see it systematized is a special skill.

- What will happen here?

- Sorting in a global sense.

- How?

- I don't know, because my solutions to boredom apply to me. So do my rules. In the meantime, I'm also playing, in absolute improvisation.

- More questions will come after this one settles down.


- You mentioned that if you were to do something like that, you have to develop yourself and your brain. What does that mean exactly?

- Developing yourself is to become a person who is worthy of these tasks. To do this, it's a good idea to live a life like that beforehand.

- What if I find this out later and I didn't live that life before?

- You have to go through some serious tests to prove that you've really figured it out. But unfortunately, even that is not enough to get you above a certain level in this reality, but it is enough to do it in another reality. It's hard for me to talk about this now because what I'm saying is clashing with the comfort zone of what that other reality is for people living in 3D. First given the interpretation that you are in a parallel reality where you are also that person. I would note here that this is not so relevant from a collective perspective and it is also what caused the first serious conflict with me with them. They do not understand the individual and do not consider it important, but here it is the individual who needs to be important. The individual is motivated by the goals he or she wants to achieve in life, and he or she benefits from the results. Now that is very much not the case and not so much that a war has literally broken out between us over it.

- Between whom?

- Between an individual, that would be me, and certain collectives who intervene here.

- How do these wars take place?

- With the mind, while events are taking place, diverted or fail. Talking about what it takes to get someone to engage in such a thing, I would say it is a fortunate set of circumstances and personal qualities. Because the gauges of this struggle are inside you, in the form of feelings, emotions, intuitions on the one hand, on the other hand, you have to be very stable in your head without fear, and thirdly, you have to be adapted in the information you have.

- What is the purpose of the fight?

- The brain of the individual consciousness must sort out the problems that arise in the intuitive brain. Which is not easy, because the individual is strictly subordinated to the collective. The practical problems of this would have been harder for me to talk about 10 years ago, but we've gone through 10 years of collective occupation where if you look at politics you can understand the situation immediately. It doesn't matter to the collective what kind of person you are if it can't use you in the way it is used to. It requires unconditional loyalty and uncritical execution. In addition, the nature of the occupation is such that it can swap personalities, karma and certain skills between people, so anyone who takes up the fight against it has to be very determined. This is particularly difficult because without a rational brain, the above consciousnesses can have the effect of children and have serious power in their hands. Most people immediately cower or rush to a psychologist from a fraction of what they would later face. But I can see what kind of world would await us in this heaven on earth, as they understand it, where there is no place for individual consciousness. But paradoxically, it is the individual consciousness that has come up with the solution.

- You didn't continue your thoughts on the 3D comfort zone, in fact you didn't say anything about it.

- Yes, because I digressed. You can get into the higher realms by getting as close in quality to the reality you succeed in this reality as you can. You were a bad person, but you changed and made the best of the situation. But there is another possibility, that you die because of your resolve and your consciousness is brought back to an earlier point in the timeline in the same reality and you recreate it. I think that's what happened to me. It's also the reason why I lived such a respectable past life, that those who knew me then called me a dupe and a loser behind my back in a world that was then becoming carrierist.

- So you stood alone against these over our heads, their people and their resources?

- These are the arguments in their favour. I'm coming in over their heads and here's a self-developed spiritual high technology that I just need to launch at them, that's the argument for me. They've been booming and becoming cool for the last 10 years, but they have virtually no staffing policy, but I have one and it's a serious one. After a while it becomes a question of how good you are at the human level. It's enough for them to have someone bow down to them, so that even a third-rate bastard who in a normal world would never have got anywhere near power could not be a luxury boss on the public money. Needless to say, I was not a little pissed off at how they dared to proclaim themselves advanced and superior and how they could add their names to these nobodies who were raised unconditionally or on the condition of kissing ass, but I do not consider that a professional achievement.

- I feel we have turned away from politics.

- We might as well turn to religion, because the point is the same. By the way, one of the main problems, illustrated by the previous ones, has been solved by the fact that the operating system now distinguishes between admin and game levels, whereas they used to be one. Roughly speaking, those who performed admin tasks were seen as servants by players who called themselves gods and some had such powers. In the new world, the admin level does not have game power, but they are recognized as true gods. While players can remain gods, but only in the game.

- Will you talk more about this time travel?

- This is not the classic time travel. This is consciousness travel through death.

- What do you need?

- I think everyone does it. It's a lot about what you're thinking right before you die and how the hologram interprets it.

- So you can rewrite reality?

- To a greater or lesser extent. Depends on your brain and, of course, your earned privilege. I prefer to speak in terms of what is in the new world as opposed to the old one that the incompetent intrusion has occurred in. For the correction has already begun.

- What kind of brain do you have? How did you develop it?

- I have had a couple of serious head injuries in my past life, so in hindsight I can see the first cause and the elevated cause. After each of these I successfully rearranged my mind so that the result was better than it was. But when one becomes too sensible, the problem arises that those around me can no longer follow and I am seen as going insane. However, in this case it came in handy.

- What is the reason for the elevated perspective?

- Otherwise I'll never reach the 42nd dimension. It opened my mind to the deeper realms of what I call hardware tuning. Which came with software tuning as I met the esoteric masters. All I had to do was make a new software. I did it myself and then I thought why not make it possible for others to do it.


- I would like to discuss this admin and game thing in detail.

- The problem was that a lot of dimensions got stuck together on the 3D frequency. This became the world we live in, which was presented to me as an insoluble anomaly that all the interventions got stuck in. Basically, the goal was to destroy it so that the trapped consciousnesses would not die and be damaged by it. But I never work from what I am told beforehand, I have my own findings. And that was that it was a unique value that may not have evolved by accident, it's just misinterpreted.

- How should it be interpreted correctly?

- It should not be seen as a problem, but as an opportunity.

- How did you find yourself in the position of being called upon to address this problem?

- The answer would be beyond your level of understanding. You are asking the human being, but first it would be worthwhile to find out whether we are human beings having spiritual experiences or spiritual beings experiencing human existence. As a human, my answer to your question is that when my consciousness reached the deep trans realm, I found that my logic-based rationality and intelligence was capable of something that had not existed there before and that is problem solving.

- Why should it not have existed?

- There is intelligence there, but not like ours. We humans on earth are like half-programs in their eyes. That would be our rational brain. From their point of view, a benevolent, self-aware and self-reliant program got up there and started to restore the world.

- What about the other hemisphere?

- To this day it is desperately trying to shut me down. But it can' t see what is in the deep trance. This, by the way, is my personal problem, to which I have made the assumption that others' problems are much easier to solve than my own.

- How does the heart occupier come into the picture?

- It's as if there were a bunch of idiots who saw the best solution as listening to the dumbest. They keep trying to do the same thing, keep putting me at the bottom of their hierarchy from the heart side because they have this brilliant idea that they can take over the world by building on my energies. The problem is that although they are doing it from the divine level, they are not really at that level.

- What makes you think that?

- I kept running into beings who called themselves gods, but they behaved very differently from what we think of it. I had to develop a kind of being-determiner that showed me the true level of all such beings as we understood it. It became the basis for how, if I were a god, I would do what I do and measure the various beings according to that. I then began to suspect that there was an intrusion into the sacral channel here, because many beings calling themselves gods were nowhere near that level, while I found others in general oppression who did meet the criteria. But OS Platforms will sort this out and we'll see what happens.

- How?

- I'll tell you from our perspective. We distinguish between admin and game levels from this perspective. The first one is for system developers, the second one is for content developers. An average person encounters the latter just as if you look at your phone you don't care about the operating system itself, contrary to apps. But there would be no content without the system, and there is a firm dividing line between the two.

- Isn't the Game Level for gamers?

- The game level also has two tiers. One is the Game-Game Level, the other is the Game-Admin Level. Just like the admin level has an Admin-Admin and an Admin-Game Level.

- What is the difference between Game-Admin and Admin-Game levels?

- The Game-Admin level is for people who you see on TV, for example, doing something esoteric, let's call them seers. I'm talking about people who recognise their responsibilities and that they are needed, but who are focused on the outside world, living in it. That is why I call them content developers. But you can only get to the Admin-Game level from the Admin-Admin level. The Admin-Admin Level is a ten-year time step, those who are in it, 0-24, are just doing that. It occurred to me that these people would burn out after a while if...

- You're not burnt out?

- Not because of the constant struggles and I was brave enough to start creating websites where I actually entertained myself, despite the fact that they provide a unique learning and development opportunity for those who are receptive. I am documenting my comeback live and interestingly, the closer I get, the more understandable I become to the average person. But I will continue my train of thought. Since they don't know freedom up there and even higher up, it never occurred to anyone that these people could be protected by taking occasional holidays where they could recharge, relax, have fun. So we need to provide a framework for this, and that is what I am testing now. The framework means that if someone goes on holiday to 3D, they cannot exceed its competence. Because without the admin-game level, it is nothing more than an amazing divine power that ordinary people would attribute to God himself. When I say that I am making an extraordinary correction, I do so within this framework.

- Within what framework?

- As the main developer of the ÉlményPark, I could do anything, but my first task was to develop a system of guarantees, or, if you prefer, a system of brakes and balances. In simple terms, it now looks like the rules of the ÉlményPark apply to me.

- What is this correction about?

- What it would be about is if an internet adventure game server was hacked from the outside and the developers started to fix the game. Even there, the goal would not be to get the company's employees to sit at the top of the leaderboards, because that's the players' job. But they may be forced to do so in order to achieve the goal of not having to interrupt the game.

- What is the main developer here?

- What I can do, no one else can. But there is a level of consciousness where people can be smarter and better than me. My preparation is about the higher dimensional levels, where the kernel itself is, if I may put it that way. Because it is a free development, you can develop to it. The ÉlményPark is now running on automatic because I came out of it. It's a 3 year journey there and 3 years back, so next time I'll only go there when I have the new development package, which I'll take after the testing. Also if the other developers work needs the top hookups. It's just the way Linux works, there the person who invented the system doesn't own it either, but he is the main developer.

- Are there distributions?

- None are prohibited. Although the possibility is there for anyone, anyone cannot get close to the source (code) because there are strict criteria, both professional and human. Anyway, there is already a Tibet Distribution.

- Is this the IT thinking you have brought to esotericism?

- Me this, others religion. You understand if I am not the prostrate type and am alone for such a task.

- Will that be a problem?

- Like I said it's the solution and not the problem. Of course it is certainly seen as a problem by those who have committed themselves to the losers who look like winners today. But such is the nature of the Trials. While there are no games and sides at the admin-admin level, so no winners or losers, the admin-game level gives us the opportunity. It couldn't be otherwise, because I can already hear from the gaming floor how ...ist I am and the opposite.

- You said that this is a key element of the new world. Can you tell me more?

- Multiplex Projection. But only in the next conversation.


- So multiplex projection is next?

- How well have they all come together so far?

- I think it's about 60-70% for sure.

- Then it's on. Multiplex stands for: 1. Multi-channel (cinema); capable of showing several films at once (cinema) 2. Multi-channel signal handler (device) It is essentially both.

- Who maintains this? Who operates it? Who projects it?

- Your question is individual consciousness centric. Of course, I understand what you mean, but if you asked it upwards, you would immediately run into the problem that always arises with different worlds. That by the same concepts the parties often mean quite different things. Just know that when you start meditating, already when you ask the question of the higher self, this problem comes to mind. What I have found is that whatever you ask, only a fraction of it is understood, so you always get an answer that puts you at ease and stops you asking more questions. For example, the rational question you ask most often is whether what you are doing is right. The answer will always be yes. There are two reasons for this. One is that the above worldview is based on the assumption that nothing is accidental, so whatever you do is good. If nothing else, you will learn from it. The other is that they don't understand logic based rational thinking. By "good" you mean success influenced by factors such as material, comfort, enjoyment, and avoidance of negative events. I can assure you that the importance of these is not in the top 3.

- Have you tried to explain this to them?

- I tried a lot of things with them and you can imagine what I got if I found it easier to develop a holo operating system from scratch than to find common ground with them. I should also note here that when governments on Earth are looking for experts in contacting and liaising with aliens, they find the best ones among kindergarten teachers. The main language of communication is not words, but rather mental images and emotions. Because of this, they are much better than us in some areas of life, by which I mean crop circles, which we barely understand, and worse in others. Verbal communication, i.e. speech, puts the emphasis on the outside world and gives us the opportunity to transmit information that would not be possible in internal communication and to develop specialisations. I think a complicated mathematical formula would be quite difficult to convey in internal communication, but I'm not a mathematician to test this conjecture. After a while it occurred to me, seeing their technology, that it was absurd that they had developed it.

- What do you mean?

- If you met a Saudi sitting in a Rolls Royce you would ask the same question.

- Can you give a simple example of the two thinking?

- If you can play pool, you'll understand. They say it doesn't matter where you hit the cue ball on the stroke, because it rolls where God wants it to. Translated, you're going to have a good shot anyway. We, on the other hand, say that the fact of where you hit it and with what force will determine where the cue ball rolls after the stroke. If the chosen one of the two worlds were to play a match at the same table, the other world would need some serious magic to win. They would say that this victory is of no importance, but they would like the way the balls roll and would not understand why they should win. It is also an example of why humanity is a serious threat to them. But because they are like children, I also have to deal with the fact that they see any solution as weakness and instead of treating it at its value, they push on.

- Can you tell me more about that?

- Here's the negotiation, for example. We use it to get to know and converge perspectives, to avoid conflict and to reconcile points of view. With them, if anyone wants to negotiate, it is tantamount to accepting subordination, because only the weak want to negotiate. After the occupation, they realized that to negotiate is to know the other's intentions and to be literally taken for fools if you stick to the agreement. I have told them that they have caused such serious damage to Hungarian society that it can only be repaired by rebuilding it, but perhaps that is their aim.

- What is the solution?

- They only understand the language of force, which is why I started shooting at them. I am not a kindergarten teacher, but I am self-taught in spiritual warfare, and although the occupation has robbed me of the Force, it is not only force that can overcome them, but intelligence. They took steps to do this by shutting down my rational brain, and I invented Rational Emulation in the intuitive part of brain. Just to give you a feel for the struggle, which is not in your daily time steps, but can be measured in years. Anyone who starts something like this should accept that they will never have the life they had before and that it is better to do it alone.

- Why?

- It is an unscrupulous opponent who does not follow any rules and has no regard for anything. They have their own laws, based largely on the idea that the boss is always right, even when he's wrong. Truth is a subjective factor and if you confront them with objective evidence, they react with extreme anger, literally looking at you as a jerk. Which is a mutual opinion. For those in the know, this applies perfectly to gypsies, there is a reason they are so adored and I see the occupied Fidesz voters as gypsyized Hungarians. They are pushing the same hysteria that I see in the blacks by the way and it is no coincidence that I am concentrating on preventing their global occupation.

- What is their goal?

- A world order they call heaven on earth. In Europe, Putin's Russia is the closest to this. But the other option is no better, because the US is not paradise on earth if you are poor and don't have, say, health insurance. What I want is what the EU looks like in say 50 years time. As I mentioned before, Hungary is currently a spiritual front line, i.e. they have got in and gained political power within the EU. Then they pushed on and that's when my comeback happened, if I close the planet they are stuck inside. I'm at about 99%, they are trying to get out as best they can, but they can't really anymore.

- What happens next?

- We've now got to the multiplex projection. For they have not been heartbroken in this occupation and they were also greatly depraved in the ascension. This means that our world has been rewritten-copied one step up and they have started to occupy the empty bodies, preventing more from ascending, time is relative here. They want to transform the Earth into what their worlds are and at this point we are in significant conceptual conflict.

- What are their worlds like?

- The last time we had anything like this was here in antiquity. They have a living god cult, which means they accept certain people as the earthly form of certain spiritual beings. In this struggle, from their point of view, an anomaly has occurred because they live in a collective hierarchy, and here an individual has become a god who very much seems to be a greater god than the one who possessed him.

- What does this greater god mean?

- As an individual, in my individual consciousness, I have reached a higher level than where they are. While being part of their collective and of course the earth network. To be at odds in such a collective as the boss is hell itself, but early enough the fighting has started and the front lines have been formed, they cannot assert their power and for a long time neither can I assert mine. But there is a change here that they cannot react to quickly and a change that is also fateful in their world view. Interestingly, I note that their groups of eso's have mantras such as "everything happens as it should", but when things don't happen the way they want them to, interestingly, they no longer happen the way they should. So it doesn't mean anything that an even bigger god has appeared in the galaxy, because he has as much power of information as, for example, a news item in the Fidesz that they dare to discuss only under the duvet.

- Is multiplex projection the weapon of this even greater god?

- They will certainly see it as such, but it is not a weapon. It's a new construction of human consciousness, because I think it's clear that you project the world to yourself. It's a new order of projection that solves the problem of humanity and the threat that humanity poses, which didn't include the assassination of me, but the upgrade already handles that. This lack of inhibition that I have encountered is very good for one thing, and that is testing. They really are trying everything without boundaries and so it has become a system so complex that it can be used anywhere in the universe. The better it is now, the less I have to do later.

- So what is this multiplex projection from your point of view?

- It's part of the operating system. Its purpose is internal ordering, which is an element of a multiverse level ordering of consciousness. It's called Multiplex Projection because I tend to give everything a name that tries to best reflect its essence in the title.

- Can you give me the gist of it in a few words?

- There are a lot of empty tracks and one overcrowded one. What would you do?

- I would eliminate the congestion by moving it to the empty tracks.

- How would you decide who goes where?

- I'd use parameters, just like it's not good to put fish that don't like each other in a aquarium.

- That's what I did. I've worked it out in detail so that everyone has their own world at some level of some reality node.

- What about the alien consciousness trapped inside?

- Welcome to the School of Life.

- Will we not be attacked for this?

- They look like they're laughing to this. Which is good, because the Market understands the Service.

- I feel like we should talk more about this next time.


- Don't you think the idea of putting the individual first is wrong? I would refer here to the Dalai Lama's idea that the world is full of successful people and perhaps we don't need any more of them.

- What if I have defined community goals as individual goals?

- I do not understand that.

- Restoring the world can be a medium- to long-term individual goal. But I acknowledge that it is rare for an individual to give up their short-term goals.

- So you're saying that what others set for themselves as selfless community goals, you did with your ego?

- Yes. I have a kind of strategic essentialism and what I saw in the future of the Earth in that way led me to that. For other people, it might be like someone taking them to the future where they see something that, on their return, they would no longer be able to slurp pineapple cocktail on their own island in pursuit of money, content with what they have achieved. Especially when you know you'll have to be born there. There's no time like the here and now to be able to do things you wouldn't otherwise think of. Except when you see what's at stake.

- I understand that, but there has to be an individual career goal in this if you can get your ego to ally with it.

- Not necessarily, the ego of an advanced human being is like that.

- I'll ask you specifically then. What is the business in this for you?

- I would say up front that my only goal here was really to make sure that the vision I see does not come true. It's in my interest, but it's in everyone's interest. That's it. But if you remember that "what you believe is what you have", a lot of people's beliefs are that no one does such things altruistically, such things are not free and the world has adapted to their beliefs.

- Is that a fact and a law?

- That's how the hologram works. When you hear or read that Evil's greatest trick is to make people believe it doesn't exist and the many morons believe it, they themselves create the evil lurking in the shadows. And the creature who wants to make you believe he doesn't exist has, by this rule, made an attempt to make evil disappear.

- Do you think evil exists?

- The existence of evil in a closed system is only the result of a low-angle misunderstanding. That is, it does not exist, but misunderstandings cause people to create it with their beliefs. They create many others in the same way, causing no small amount of puzzlement to the spiritual levels. One of these is transmigration of souls, which is based on the fact that people in the outer world believe that after death the soul goes outwards and because they put it on the spiritual plane, they create a lot of wandering souls, and those up there don't even understand the outer world very well. You can accuse me of all sorts of things, but the only way to solve such complex problems is really not to start solving them one by one, but to create a new complex system in which the anomalies that have existed up to now become natural actors.

- What do you consider your greatest virtue?

- Every era has different virtues. But perhaps the fact that I have reached a level where I have been able to understand and formulate the problems themselves, which have thus become possible to solve.

- So what's in this business for you?

- The biggest business, which is the operating system itself, is what many people would cite as an example of Windows. But I did it with the philosophy of Linux, i.e. the operating system itself is free.

- I was reading your writings and I was stuck on something that you have privatised the physical plane and, I quote, the dream domains associated with it. If you privatized it, it's yours, isn't it?

- I have a hard time now because I see all kinds of beings differently than you do. Because I had something to say to Sirius that suggested equality in a hierarchical environment. I live on this planet and you live on another. In the same way I approached the beings of the spiritual planes, I live on this plane and you on another. Those who understand what I am talking about, shit themselves at the first, bow down to the second. Upwards I have not had the opportunity to explain my position in more detail, because they immediately shot my consciousness out of the range of what they knew, I suppose, so that I could not explain my position in more detail. On the way back I had already come at them from above, so the situation would certainly be understood by very few people from here. In that situation, I think I reacted correctly and took the zones relating to us into my own jurisdiction.

- So we are all your property?

- That would not fit in with what we had and would not be viable. If I did so, people like me could start a just war against me. So I own no one here, but what is there is the media rights of your holographic projection.

- What made you think of that?

- The situation presented itself and it couldn't be otherwise, if one understands the ÉlményPark. Something that many people have tried to steal, to pass off as their own, but it's personal, because I did it as a person. This is one of the guarantees that it does not fall into the hands of those who are the source of much trouble and who, although they define themselves as a collective without interests, behave very much as individuals in their own interests.

- What if you die? Who inherits?

- It's running on automatic now. I had to be quick because rationality can think in terms of normal human lifespan. Where I die, the Gate available in physical form disappears. In many realities I've been killed by the idiots and then they blink because in those realities I've become the god of their belief and they can only open the gate if they find out how they have to. And that involves a lot of sacrifice and resignation on the part of people for whom those are not the adjectives that would first come to mind. The question of inheritance is not yet relevant, especially as a 42nd dimensional consciousness could say to a 6th dimensional person in 3D.

- What is the deal for you?

- I am involved in quite a lot of areas in this sense. But my favorite is holo entertainment. In each area I can only do it at the dimensional levels where I'm alone in the band of individual consciousness, but my goal is to get people who are capable of it to evolve to take over those areas and I stay in the ones that I'm really interested in.

- Which area do you think has the most power?

- Up is entertainment and down is the energy bank.

- Energy bank?

- Appearing as a god would end this world, which is contrary to my goals. Besides, I'm not even religious. The philosophy of the system I have devised is also that you know how to fix the world. The essence is that you get a world from above that is your world to others. That is why instead of God, the Central Energy Bank has stepped in and is behaving exactly like the earthly ones for those who own the earthly banks. Don't like it? Change it and the world will change for you. And if you create something you like, others below you will like it too.

- How does the Vatican feel about that?

- I haven't chatted with them yet, but I don't need to if I have the established prayer channels. But it is easier as Lord than as impersonal Allah, which is currently handled by automated programs. I don't aim to become something I've stood up against even if the power situation changes in my favour.

- Is this philosophy of power present at all levels?

- Even in every person's own life. The Sky behaves towards everyone as its world behaves towards others. Simple, isn't it? Be a better person and the world will be a better place for you. This is a program that applies to me, by the way. If you think about it, it can do a gigantic amount of restoration work on human capacity. I call this philosophy mirroradmin because the power of it is already in your hands.

- It's all slowly coming together.

- It's only just coming together for you to understand that my power is not dominating, but constructive.

- I think I'm in a bit of shock.

- Then get some rest and we'll continue this next time.


- Now I'm going to digress a bit from the holo operating system. I would be interested to know what you think about naturopaths and people with special abilities, who are considered by many to be charlatans.

- We're still talking about the operating system then, just looking at it from a different angle. Physics, chemistry and many other disciplines look at the properties and characteristics of the hologram from an internal view, which in this case is the external world. These people are considered charlatans because they are used to the idea that you can only measure and transmit energy with instruments. But if you look at it that way, it's normal for players to find the game-admin level unbelievable.

- How do you explain that?

- The human brain is basically a holo computer. If you improve it, you'll have wider possibilities to interact with the hologram. And the human body is a piece of DNA hardware, which also has potential for development. For gamers, this can be done in the gym and other sports activities, but there are other ways to do it. Taking your energy system to the next level allows you to draw energy in for yourself and also to transmit it to others for, say, healing purposes. It's not unknown to science anymore, it's just that the basic conceptual difference is that it's all done outside, with instruments.

- How can such a thing be developed?

- With a deeply charged intention. The rest is the journey.

- What special skills do you have?

- I cannot comment on that because I have experiments in progress.

- In what field?

- Most people look at science through the eyes of science. On a scale, the next is that many people look at esotericism through the eyes of esotericism. That was 97%. The remaining 3% minus a very small number look at science through the eyes of esotericism, but only a few people look at esotericism through the eyes of science. I am a pioneer, an explorer and hopefully an adventurer in this field.

- Does knowledge in this field give you any advantage?

- What do you mean by an advantage? Do you mean PPP?

- What is PPP?

- The three most powerful human drivers. To which we add another P if we have all three. That's Pie/Paper, Pussy (Penis) and Position, and the fourth is Perversion. I cannot answer this question yet, but the admin-game level gives me the opportunity to do so.

- When?

- The thing is, if you're serious about it, you give it your full attention. Which means years of having faith alone to keep you on the road, as much as possible shut out from the outside world. Which doesn't benefit any of the P's, maybe only the 4th on some level if you can enjoy that sort of thing. But if you can open the gate in your mind...

- What if I use an aid?

- You can cross the Rio Grande by boat, not necessarily by swimming. So once you get to the gate, my advice is to try to get a feel for what's on the other side, lest you find yourself in the company of unwanted people who suddenly appear in your life in an irresistible way. I have not crossed what was seductively placed in front of me by certain masters who are surprised that I did not marry one of their women, because it never occurred to them that there is a man who would turn back from there. Because I thought, if there is a Gate in front of me, someone has created it. So either there could be other gates, or I could create one. I had this vein of discovery from the beginning.

- How did masters become masters?

- That's a good question. I think one day they woke up and said, "I'm a master now". But I can neither confirm nor deny that, because I will never be a master. I am a master, but I have only been a master of myself from the beginning, because I follow my own path. A master is a master because he knows everything. I know a lot, but you learn until you die. But I've come up with a definition of a master, that a master is a person who is capable in his abilities and personality. But in our world today, everyone concentrates on the first, few on the second, because it takes time and sacrifice. It is much easier and quicker to receive these in the form of initiations from others than to wait and retrieve them yourself. And then fear that they will be stolen.

- How to protect against this?

- Never let anyone know and preferably never use these abilities. It's a little different for me because my consciousness uses them over everyone else, so I'm not visible. And once I'm back, I don't give a shit if I'm visible. Of course, they still faked the information going into the past and got me before everything, but instead of killing me, they couldn't resist the temptation and started extracting instead. When the info came from the future that there was trouble, they couldn't kill you either. After that, their life was all about hiding the growing problem from others to see if they could solve it, but that didn't work either and we are now years beyond the ÉlményPark quick start. So hold on to your hats, because exciting times are coming for all of us. Some with this kind of excitement, some with that. For what it's worth, I suggest you become a holostar, because you can survive and avoid things with the viewer votes.

- What is a holostar?

- More on that in a separate discussion, which will deal with that only.

- What would you do if you were in the position of someone who suddenly didn't know how to become a holostar, or would prefer to avoid it?

- I'd sit in an apartment, barely move out of it and sit on my ass and wait it out, cutting off contact with almost everyone. I'd even untie my doorbell and find myself in exactly the meditative state of being I need to be in. Thinking in years.

- So what do I do with myself? Beyond the carantene of the covid, it's almost scary to get caught up in it.

- What I would do is reprogram myself. It's a mind game where you take the issues one by one and think about them. What you really think about. One by one.

- What am I reprogramming myself about?

- What others have slowly reprogrammed you to be. That's what comes out of advertising, movies, fashion, what and who you think is cool and why. Or why, is the game, where you have to come to an agreement with yourself. The aim of the game is to decide what is important to you and how much. It's quite easy to fool yourself, so you may not have a sense of achievement at the beginning.

- How do I know if I've succeeded?

- It reduces the shaking in your knees and the tension inside you. You'll find that when you get to the end, you'll find complete peace of mind. One in which you can meditate, otherwise the hustle and bustle of everyday life will keep the fast pace of your mind going.

- That's interesting.

- What's even more interesting is what comes afterwards and it's called a rise in perspective. It simply changes the importance of things. Many of these people are fooled by their continued surroundings in the outside world because they stayed on the Game's horizon where the goal is PPP. Once you start exploring your inner world, your mind opens up, you will literally see them as monkeys and those you now think are cool as well.

- If I take the easy way out and look for someone to initiate me, what happens?

- If you're lucky, you'll realize in time what a stupid thing you did. If not, you'll be part of the system that ruined the world by giving players admin power in exchange for their homage. You will have power over others, but your existence will depend on your master, who will make sure that no harm comes from your incompetent initiation or over-initiation. Because the system will then extract you too. You don't get these initiations from them, you get what would be yours, only without work and sooner. Because you become part of a hierarchy, the stuff above your station is assigned to them and everyone lives happily ever after... until they're faced with a dick like me. If you know yourself, run!

- Who are my real friends?

- First, people who accept you even if you change.

- Second round?

- You won't need these outside sources to find out.

- That was interesting.

- That was the first thing you said. That means it was the first one that affected you personally.

- Rather, it touched me.

- I don't think there's as much mystique to it as this system has made it out to be. Which is not forbidden in the game. But only in the game!


- Let's start now with, if someone starts meditating, what kind of relationship will they have with this holo operating system?

- So far, it has been that you either come under the influence of the alien establishment, or you come under the influence of those who are on Earth and are not on good terms with these interfering aliens. These are difficult to avoid because the higher dimensions provide benefits that are difficult to imagine in 3D with a brain that is not yet prepared for the impact of these on everyday life.

- Give me an example.

- Let's say you manage to reach a level on your own that is already appreciable without being in their field of vision. But at some point in the future you will come out with it, i.e. you will become known in the future. Then they send a tip to the past and with their people they catch you, buy you, take you out and you deviate from the path you have successfully avoided. But it's not that simple because changes can happen afterwards, which will be signalled back to the past again, and then again and they can get confused by that. So the fight is not at all hopeless, just much harder.

- Is that what happened to you?

- Yes. But another interesting thing happened to me. At one point in my life, I was strikingly injured in a way that I think was intended to kill me before everything else. In particular, they targeted my head, and I suffered several severe head injuries, which created a situation where my brain opened up and I went into a deep trance in individual consciousness. Where I was confronted with the problems of the higher levels and found that my intelligence was capable of solving them. I'll come back to your first question in a moment, because the holo operating system required to return is already the result of responsible thinking, which rose significantly in me when I realised that there was no one else but me and I rose to the task.

- What does this mean in terms of operating system and meditators?

- To begin with, here we are basically on the border of three worlds that cannot understand each other at all. If I look at the terrestrial human, we are not at all able to do so with the spiritual planes, and we are barely able to do so with the aliens occupied by the spiritual planes. All this is exciting because you send your prayers to them and expect them to solve your earthly problems. I'm just saying that most of these problems were and are caused by them and they are leading you as Helpers towards a world where the RESET button is the first thing that comes to mind, so that they can build a brave new world where you can't fart without permission. So there is a problem of interpretation, a problem of communication, parties have quite different meanings of the same concepts, different customs, rules, laws and goals. Meanwhile, you are in effect making yourself vulnerable to beings you know nothing about and who ask for your prior trust. There is no incentive for them to be responsible or honest. The only ones you have left to thank for your freedom are the ones you see as one of the biggest problems threatening the world, and who are fighting a fierce battle with aliens that humanity barely notices. I think that this is the situation in which sooner or later all parties will be happy to see the solution to what was initially seen as a problem, because how does this nobody bastard come to be seen as an independent power. I should note here that I could easily have appeared as a power factor that they fear, but that would have had no professional value. Instead, I created something that all meditators can be happy with, because this path is full of elements that took everyone years to get through, and now it's enough to get it right once and no one needs it after that.

- How to connect?

- We are past the point where this question made sense. Now the question is rather how to switch it off or avoid it. Which is what a lot of idiots did the minute they heard the term Christ Gate, and then when they realised where they were, here they are queuing up outside the ÉlményPark Gate.

- Can you explain that?

- People, Christ doesn't give a damn if your team wins or how many goals you score, but he has high expectations of puritanism. And that's just scratching the surface, but I think everybody gets it. The only one who understands you here is me, who has also created a net to the great relief of the creatures above and below.

- Suppose I don't get it.

- Compared to those you complain to, you live in a freedom and luxury they can't even dream of. Because they don't have the intellect you are used to, they have only one answer to your prayers, to bring you the world they live in. You complain that you should have money and live a decent standard of living, but they respond to this problem by saying that then there is no money in the world, no competition (no more sporting events), nothing to make you unhappy. The result is a rock hard dictatorship based on a religiously based strict hierarchy, where you can cry fury, North Korean style, for the only celebrity who is licensed and the boss who appears as a living god. You're used to looking outside for solutions to your problems and never looking within yourself for the cause. The Jesus you know never existed in reality, he never even visited Nazareth! This is a centuries old time scale preparation that has already involved people who also figured it out in the ages before that and you in the present are essentially living on a front line being fought on a magical surface by officially non-existent alien beings in a proxy war where you are the puppet. Meanwhile, my rise in consciousness has caused changes that the parties in the blueprint are incapable of responding to properly.

- What changes are these?

- From here I rose to the 42nd dimension, which became the center of the universe. In the present, I am in an Old Buda panel apartment with no predictable income and aliens at my heart who want to make me an ordinary person. Meanwhile, space fleets are looking for us, because this ascension is significantly rearranging the balance of power and some of them are very unhappy about it, while others are hailing a god they don't even know is a liberal democrat as an Aquarian and not even religious. Although I am certainly being watched by secret and less secret societies and services, on the human level I am sitting in an apartment doing nothing that gives me reason to do anything, sometimes I don't even step out for days, then only to the store and back. All my attention is engaged in the system sharpening, in the meantime fighting with these and I should have an income from something (if this problem didn't exist, I would never make such websites) and these two completely opposite worlds will merge one day. Somehow, I don't know when or how. In the meantime, I am the foolish son of my know-nothing mother who doesn't go to work and play the idiot role I am forced to play. It's been going on since my father died and it could end any day now and if I step into the game there will be a bunch of fuckers who will be killed instantly. The rest will get a head start, I'll hunt them down to practice skills I'm not using yet. But whatever role I step into will have nothing to do with the professional work I've been doing and will often block me anyway when I feel like killing some assholes with my mind already. There, I've got some humanity in me.

- So anyone who starts meditating does it with a professional spiritual background?

- That's right.

- What about those who want to get involved in these developments?

- You'll find out when you start meditating. But I note, meditation is also when you switch on secondary attention and even reflection while washing dishes. I would prefer to use the term "consciously wanting to engage in these developments".

- So if you are seen in the world, it has nothing to do with the ÉlményPark?

- But it will, as a user. From then on, the admin level is 3 years there and 3 years back, because I have to clean up and prepare for it again. The game, that is when you see me as something outside, is not controlled by the ÉlményPark, which is optimized for collective consciousness, but by 1ST1, which acts as Game Server.

- Right. More on that in the next conversation.


- What's your game?

- From your point of view, I become as much of a player as you are, with the difference that I also have to perform internal tests and tasks.

- If you are at the admin-game level, you are not the same player, are you?

- The rule is that you can use what you can muster from your own strength, diligence and skills to your advantage in the game.

- What are these tasks?

- Sorting out the anomalies caused by the Earth. Of which there are a few, and only someone who understands the Earth can do them. Because you'd be frightened if I started telling you what interpretations have been made about this Outside. They see evil in earthly humanity, but I see no such thing here, only a flood of misunderstandings and mistakes that, when looked at from a new perspective, might even turn out to be good.

- Do you say such misunderstandings and mistakes?

- Man got out into space by his own efforts and that's a big word, only one species in the galaxy can say that about themselves. The fact is that they did it quite differently, i.e. there is no experience or precedent for this path that mankind on Earth is on. When we launched the first spaceships, we tested on animals to see if human missions could survive. But no one considered the implications of putting an animal consciousness into space for the spiritual world. What an animal consciousness would look like and what the consequences would be for the higher planes. For it occurred to me after analysing their intervention, as if they were building a dog society, which no one looks at it that way because everyone is blinded by the brain hierarchy and the PR of alien superiority. What you call an oligarchy is the structural pattern of a dog society. I think it is impossible to have a meaningful dialogue in such an environment, when the country is already under occupation, especially since rationality is not a good enough tool here. But this task and the admin-game level provide the power to do so. There is another problem, and that is quantum physics, which also has spiritual aspects, and I once saw a video of a scientist talking about this. If an animal consciousness goes up into such an environment, what happens? For the last 20 years I have been trying to reconstruct these things, i.e. to put myself in situations where I can experience the same thing, to understand it better. But I couldn't explain this to a master, because 3D is a set where it is possible to experience phenomena outside of it, but on the one hand you have to understand it, and on the other hand you have to be free of beliefs that can distort the picture.

- What you are talking about has a trace in written history outside your own internal information, conclusions and visions?

- There are so many events that can be linked to this, but no one has connected them in a logical order. If I do, they are very difficult to prove to others and without evidence here everything is just theory. But for everyone in the spiritual space, the evidence is their own inner voice, which they accept as truth. In a collective it is the boss's, which is much harder to validate in the world of individual consciousness. But now I remembered a story I read a long time ago and the name Tiamat is associated with it. As I said, my main job is to solve problems and not to prove myself to people.

- How can such tasks be done in 3D?

- I think that such tasks can only be done in 3D and it is much better if nobody knows what they are doing, they are just living their lives.

- Why only in 3D?

- Here you have the time for the sequence of events. Which is the basis of logical ordering.

- What are the signs of what you're talking about, which is the ascension of animal consciousness?

- Here, anyone who gets excited can delve into the question of cause and effect and find the roots. Because it's similar to someone who's snorting up a strip, he hasn't really prepared his consciousness for it either. And here again, an entity that is not at home in the higher levels can come up and take over more peaceful and evolved beings. It is a system, which is further confounded by this unconditionality, because those above have also made the mistake of raising up beings and people who do not deserve it, creating false tests with false results. There is also the misinterpretation of unity, which in practice looks like eliminating grades and classes in a school, so that the bigger, more violent ones gain control even over the teachers, by, say, fear mongering. Another good question is the root cause of crime, which is contrary to the social interests of both collective and individual consciousnesses, and for me it is particularly interesting to investigate why the heavens are attracted to such elements.

- These tasks do not seem to be tasks that a human can see through at all. Especially as the Sky is also the subject of the investigation.

- I've got something for that, too. Since I can't trust celestial guidance, what I've come up with is following my own ray, which translates to self-guidance. But you have to be very much there on a human level.

- You want to stop crime? How?

- Here you can understand multiplex projection. I eliminate crime only in the higher hworlds, so that at the top it is not there at all and gradually it gets there, lower and lower. Violent crime, on the other hand, is only possible in the lower worlds, but there is a level below which those who are prone to it return to the Source in energy form. This applies also to bestiality and particular cruelty, for these are not human characteristics, but may be animal. If an undeveloped being is placed in an evolved environment, they can easily be seen as evil.

- 1St1 what does it do?

- Half of it is currently helping out with the ÉlményPark, the other half is already organising the game. In today's terms, this should be understood as humanity using its rational brain to do invaluable work to restore the world. Everyone does this, mostly in their sleep, when they are asleep.

- What are you doing in it?

- I organize the system and I do it at my level.

- I wonder what is the point of talking about these things? If it's not up to us anyway and I'm bound to believe that there's even one person who would understand half of this.

- I am a believer that point enough information is ideal. If you know what part of the job you're in, it can push you through the tough times. And if there's one person who understands half of it, that's a big step forward, because I'll have a chance to polarize the quality. The more homogeneous something is, the less diverse it is. The more diverse something is, the more interesting and exciting it is.

- What are the characteristics of the higher worlds?

- Silence, tranquility and happiness. The lower you go, the more of the opposite you get. Therefore, the goal is not to get as high as possible, but to find your ideal position, which has already been parameterised for you by multiplex projection. If you succeed, say, in finding the key to happiness in such a money-centred material world, it may open up a new upper world for you, where silence and tranquillity may have a different value.

- It's a bit like a religion for me.

- Maybe in the old days, when people were working and contemplating things like that, it wasn't a religion either, they just made it into a lower view. It's very difficult to stay on that path when faith gives charge to the intention and that's why I set out to burn... I can't think of another way to say ROM now, rather than to pass on knowledge to disciples. Because anybody can make a religion out of that in say 50 years, but what is burned into ROM is that then they will be put into a holoshow, which they have to win in order not to fail and they can only succeed if that belief system is in line with the principles.

- But I still don't understand, how is this all recognised by god?

- I am not religious and I have a different understanding of the concept than you. But I understand the question. In that I restored them, but I copied the world onto a mind ship instead of destroying it.

- What is the hardware?

- My consciousness. Inside it, the multiverse. In it, I'll create a solution that can even project back the old world.

- That's unthinkable to me now.

- There's enough one of you to imagine it.


- I wouldn't say we've talked over this game server called 1ST1.

- It is the operating system of the individual consciousness and is very similar to the ÉlményPark. Only while that is the equivalent of the collective system, this is the individual. The individual is not important from the collective's point of view, but it does solve the big problem of collectives by approaching them from the individual's point of view and focusing on quality. The collectives do not like the thinking man and do not look at the quality of man, this is the fault of the spiritual spheres, although I do not know how much of a fault one can consider something like the ignorance of man's entry into space. These strict hierarchies were formed because the aim was to replicate a system that certainly worked well there, which they copied onto the physical plane. But the physical plane is the world of individual consciousness, which they eliminated just as we did the reverse. Now these two worlds meet, one rises, the other descends, and those who relate to the other with understanding are basically fooled.

- Is the individual consciousness the Ego?

- The ego is just a mirror and reflects them, but because we are individuals, entering reality, they perceive themselves as separate, therefore they chase the enemies. The ego is called that. The collective consciousness is just as egotistical, only by ego it means many people and reflects the sense of self. The problem is that they have lived like this for too long and without chaos it is very difficult to open up, it can only be done slowly, step by step. An earthly example is Syria, where there was a sudden collapse of the collective centre, which resulted in everyone at each other's throats with alternating alliances and ideologies on a weekly basis. The task to be solved here would be to put aside the desire for immediate profit and responsibly manage the liberation of these societies. To do this, however, a change must take place here on Earth, which is being hindered by the very occupation they have initiated.

- Who do you want to liberate them from and why? Who are you trying to free?

- I would like to make it clear that the initial plan was to treat them with respect, not to interfere in their affairs and to respect their social systems. But they don't understand equality, they think anyone who is kind and helpful is stupid and they interpret thinking based on respect for each other as weakness. This raises the problem that if I want to engage with them and am forced to mirror them, I should adopt a pattern of behaviour that is far removed from me. In the meantime, I have established diplomatic relations with many of these planets in the galaxy...

- How?

- They use holographic frequencies on a daily basis, so we don't pick up their radio signals, for example, because they don't have radio signals. It must be unbelievable, but they communicate with their thoughts and so do I. Collectives in our eyes are societies without privacy, in which it is not easy to keep secrets. There is no etiquette for it, they essentially look into everything they can with impertinence and without scruples. I had to develop a special technique for this in the course of the fighting, so that I don't know anything, so they don't have access to my knowledge. I control myself by controlling this from XD with a beam I have installed.

- Can you teach this to others?

- I developed it all myself and although I'm a good teacher, I don't think it' possible to teach it to anyone. How do you teach people not to be scared when strange thoughts pop into their head that would drive most people crazy? You need qualities for that and part of the quality has to be that everyone has to work it out for themselves. Of course they get technical help, but it only works for those who have the talent.

- How can they contact you?

- I've automated this process, as if your mind is the browser and the spiritual reality is the internet, where you communicate with a server thinking of me, who is like a living human being. To me personally from above, only beings with a risk taking, responsibility, credibility and fairness above a certain level, or cases that are more interesting or require personal attention, get in. And below, each person has a ManBoard value, which can be determined by both objective and subjective queries. This, by the way, is the basis of consciousness travel, which is still undeservedly neglected in terms of its importance, although it would do no harm to do so, because it could save hundreds of thousands of years. And it would not be bad for me either if I could finally move away from this static position of inaction.

- What if one does not reach this value?

- He cannot engage with me in a meaningful way.

- If they could, what would happen?

- Suitability, ability, competence, free will, back and forth to the specific case.

- Is there ever a time when you wouldn't be good at something?

- I have made everything subordinate to the goal and at a suitable time I have had all my teeth extracted. I don't have a new one yet, so I'm not fit for almost anything.

- Why did you get your teeth out?

- Besides the fact that certain occupiers are clinging to them? I hardly have to expend energy keeping women away, which has been a favorite channel of energy theft against me.

- Is it that serious?

- More serious than that, we've only scratched the surface.

- How is this going to move forward?

- Suddenly and unexpectedly. Otherwise, these beings over my head would know in advance if I did. The fight is still going on, though I'm in pretty good shape.

- No friendly creatures?

- It's hard to tell who's a friend and who isn't, because deception is pushed hard. That's why I have everyone "one voice" and a lie detector going at the same time. I could tell you a stories, but it's a very different world with different rules that would be long to tell and not nearly as understandable to people who haven't experienced it. I recently clicked on a couple of planets to indicate how happy I am about another 2/3 (of Fidesz).

- You must not be very popular then.

- They are chilling as they can, they are bored a lot anyway. But it should be exciting when I show up with the invading Earth troops.

- Is that your plan?

- I measured their general happiness index and concluded that, if not a shower of flowers, more of them will be happy than they officially admit. And a lot more of them. I figured I'd mirror back to them their own interference, then I'd make a new constitution and ponder how to change their social systems. They fell for it as they figured out I only needed two technologies, an engine and a force field to keep space out and I had as many ships (literally) as soldiers. We're good on weapons.

- In the religion of peace, is that a good idea?

- Listen not to what I say, but to what I do. I hope it works!


- Did you start a war against aliens?

- A war? No. This is a special military operation on the spiritual planes.

- How does this holoplatform relate to the battle of Light and Darkness?

- The holoplatform, or operating system, only provides the framework for the game by correcting the bugs that give rise to abuse. There is no room for a subjective approach at the admin-admin level, but there is more flexibility at the game-admin level, because those who are at that level are half in the game.

- How do you approach it then?

- I realize that those who are on this side are also on the Light side, and those who are on that side are also on the Light side. On this side the light of knowledge sees as darkness those who otherwise call themselves the Alliance of Light and vice versa. Which is true, but if I look at it from the other side's perspective, it is also true.

- Does Light and Darkness even exist?

- Not as they teach, or only as those who believe the teachings create this world for themselves. Unfortunately, in 3D, it seems that those who are born into it already know the world in this way and it is very difficult to stand in the centre of it.

- Why has this happened?

- Interest, business, comfort, power, domination and influence over others.

- So you're saying that through faith...

- It is through faith that evil was created. But it's a counterpoint-based harmony, so the more you push it in one direction, the more the counterpoint pushes it in the other direction.

- I wouldn't call it harmony.

- Because you are only seeing a small slice of the big picture in a reality of yourself.

- Have you seen more of this?

- Good question. Because I've had a couple of times where I've had the suspicion that I created something first. And also, reading Egyptian history, for example, I had strong suggestions that I was one of them. But not only there, which is understandable if I have risen to such dimensional levels. By the way, I consider the gods we know as celebrities in another interpretation.

- Which god were you, say, in the Egyptians?

- Aton.

- Then you're not very popular.

- If you ask me how handsome I am, I would say that what I do is not a beauty contest. My job as Aton was to lay the groundwork for a later operation that I could see the benefits of today. How to run a democracy with absolute plenary power. They are trying, but they have never seen anything like it in their lives. They keep saying that they are with me, but they should have followed my proposals from the beginning and then it would not be insufficient now. Compared to what they have at home, this is really democracy itself, but unfortunately it is not enough here. An American businessman once said that if a horse can count to ten, it is an extraordinary horse, but it is by no means an extraordinary mathematician.

- Why must harmony be shifted so that its parts are in disharmony?

- It is a desperate move by eternal beings against boredom. That man is so short-lived has its disadvantages but also its advantages.

- Is man then wrong in seeking eternal life?

- Which would certainly not be so good as a slave in a mine. The trouble with that is, if you don't give it the right parameters, it rarely works out the way you want it to. But because the world is a mirror, it also implies that beings who have already achieved eternal life are seeking death. When I talk about operating systems running on spiritual platforms that also address such issues, the foolish masters who have been given the skills to master by others in exchange for homage are enviously bitching. They don't even know what they are talking about, because it is no small job, with a lot of sacrifice and resignation. None of those who steal my energies here would trade me for the years of great pain and suffering I went through to get them.

- Do you have anger?

- Not at admin level, but there have been some idiots that have put me in a situation of emergency action and I have to enter the game. In the game, however, there is. The idiots thought no one would give up such a power that comes with the ÉlményPark, but I just needed it to keep me moving towards my goals. They thought, in a goosey way, that if they had my back before everything else, they would have the world. But if I got out of it, my back got out of it.

- I don't understand that. What other goals do you have?

- I once read about a Russian mathematician called Perelman who lives in a blockhouse with his mother. The guy solved a math problem with a $1 million goal. He posted it online for the mathematicians to check, but refused to accept the prize, despite several trips to convince him. He said that, on the one hand, the award committee was not qualified to judge his performance and, on the other hand, he should be left alone because he was working on another task for which he needed this and was busy. I think there is hardly anyone else on earth who understands that except me.

- So you are not attracted to money?

- Of course, only on the terms I would accept. And that is far from the world of the rich. Now I'll be curious to see what happens, because I've risen above those in whose world the boss is the smartest, the most beautiful and the richest. I think it's like that when my experiments finally get down to where my body is.

- Can we continue along the PPP line? What about women?

- So far I've met hookers playing decent women, but I'm confident that after this I'll meet decent women playing hookers. But seriously, no woman could be expected to go through 20 years with me without being forbidden to tantrum, argue or otherwise interfere with my meditations. Which she wouldn't have been able to grasp the importance of, or understand for that matter. While masters came with love spells to ensure energy theft. The advantage of having these experiences was that I had I have parameterized quite well who can be taken seriously. Because it's a tough political position too, if you remember that everyone around here lives in matriarchal societies.

- Position?

- You've done fine without me before, you'll do fine without me afterwards. There is no one on earth who can offer me a higher position than the one I have already achieved. So far, because of the occupation, I have had to conform to the rules of beings who do not understand mine at all, but that is changing. So under the heading of "adventure" I can accept offers if they fit my parameters.

- Do you accept people with a lower perspective than you as boss?

- If I'm the director of a hospital, I can get involved as an anaesthetist in operations that other people are running. Even a hierarchical creature like them can't understand that, and then they can't stop whining about how bored they are.

- Could it be that hierarchies misunderstand?

- Hierarchies are like human beings in that what they don't understand, they understand what they want to understand. Only for them it's no problem if the next day it's the opposite. So they misunderstand almost everything. They say that if I work, I'm a servant. And that I don't act like a leader. Since they only understand the language of power, I've passed the advanced language exam and I'm talking to them.

- Do they think that of everyone who works?

- Yes, they do! But if I do professional work, which I wouldn't trust anyone else to do as a company director, I am still the director of my own company and so it is with the world they love to have.

- What is DIZ?

- It's I am. You mean one person, a collective means many. But the bar is high because I don't give my name to just anybody.


"Is there anything you haven't told me so far?"

"Yes. There are many things I haven't told you for several reasons. On the one hand, we are talking about contexts that go beyond the current state of science, and on the other hand, not only science, but also religion and profession, if I may call them that."

"Why can't you say these things?"

"If a programmer today were to start talking about his favourite programming language to the person who made the first loom, he would not understand much of it. But since they wouldn't be contemporaries, envy is out of the question, not to mention the power context behind it."

"In that era, the knowledge of a modern programmer would not mean any change in the power relations."

"So far, any change in the power relations has come from someone doing a meditation that no one had done before."

"You've done one, haven't you?"

"Yes. But what I see in the world is that people want to use it for their own purposes. Maybe that was the case with the others. But I think I am the first to have realised this in time and had the opportunity to correct it."

"What makes you think you would be the first person to do so?"

"The modern age gives us the opportunity to be informed about the world instantly through the media."

"What would have happened if people had been informed about it?"

"I don't know, but I suspect they wouldn't have dared to confront the beings I did. They would have accepted the situation that as humans they could do nothing about the spirit world."

"Would these spiritual beings be the ones who would turn the results of human meditation to their advantage? How?"

"There are many things on the physical plane that spiritual beings lack and are worth it to them."

"Are all spiritual beings like that?"

"No. Just as not all humans are villains. This is what has become suspicious, that in my personal opinion, more and more villains have entered the elite and political power worldwide and this could not be a coincidence. But the reasons are so varied that they have to be seriously filtered to be presentable, and so they lose their power. But if I did not filter it, very few people would not consider me frivolous and a crazy conspiracy theorist for what I say."

"What is the solution?"

"Action instead of slap in the face. There is a lot of talk about humanity's dimensional shift, the slow acceptance that there are aliens watching us, but in practice no one is addressing what and how this is happening in context. I don't see much point in talking about them, because..."

"It always makes sense to talk about them."

"Yes, but if I do it at the right time, it's premature in people's eyes. I'll be written off as a fool and when it turns out 10 years later that I was right, I'll still be a fool because the case will be taken over by cool people who have no interest in someone cooler than them."

"You haven't finished, why don't you see much point in talking about these things?"

"Because we've already gone through this dimensional shift, it's just that because our brains continue to project reality in 3D, the outside world remains unchanged. But that's another level where the collective effects are stronger. There are signs of this in the world, but no one links them to the dimensional shift."

"What signs are you talking about?"

"The emergence of populist, one-man, autocratic leaders and the strengthening of their influence. Their voters are no longer voters but believers and it is all beginning to take on the pattern that is as prevalent at this level of the dimension as democracy is at another. For democracy is based on the coexistence of individual consciousnesses and is conditioned by logic-based rationality, i.e. human reason. But this is the world of dictatorship, the essence of which is that there is a collective centre whose signals are taken over by the members of the collective without condition or criticism. Since they are occupied people, the occupier slowly eliminates their rational hemispheres, which the individuals do not notice..."

"How can they not notice?"

"The occupier is perceived by all as themselves. When the collective centre thinks, it becomes its own thought and the personality is transformed. It is impossible to argue with such people, because everything but the signs of the collective centre is lost. Whatever the bullshit, they will still be certain of its truth. Don't you recognize it?"

"Yes. So this is an occupation? By whom and for what purpose?"

"I'll start by saying that the number of representatives of bad intentions in this is negligible. But the two worlds are so different that it is very difficult to talk about this briefly. And it is not worthwhile at length, because people are less and less open to long reading, let alone serious thought. But if I tell you briefly what I have done, no one will believe me, so I have decided that the time for slapping is over."

"Where is the source of this dwindling ill will?"

"This world exists in physical form on the border of two worlds. And those two worlds have created their own anomalies in relation to each other, resulting in a messy situation where those who want to fix the situation have learned to fish."

"What is this anomaly?"

"In short, there are actually two spiritual worlds that we believe to be one and the same problem over there with physics."

"How come we believe two realities to be one?"

"There is the first, which is an internal network whose physical endpoint in a given reality is a human being. This is the world you see when you sleep, and the anomaly they create, which is the second physical plane that they believe to be one. And then there is the second one, created by man with his belief. So that we live in the outside world and believe this spiritual world is also outside, invisible around us. The anomaly is caused by the fact that in the first there is no transmigration of souls, in the second there is. It is an internal consciousness network whose consciousness endpoint creates the individual and when the individual passes away, it happens inward so that that network endpoint is eliminated. The soul doesn't go anywhere because it is already in the network. I could complicate it with parallel realities, but the point is that you are an individual consciousness thinking in terms of a specific person and your belief about spiritual reality reflects that. That is, when a person dies, their individual consciousness soul leaves outward in spirit form, but because the hologram creates your belief for you, it creates this second spiritual world. As for the spiritual plane, it is invisible and that is why you believe that the two worlds are one. But they do the same thing, which is there's a physical plane where everybody is collective and individuals don't matter and there's one where they do matter and they believe the two are one. As humanity has gone through this shift in consciousness, we've brought this individual consciousness-centric belief up there and the ones who show up here are beings who want to help, but none of them have ever seen like this. Where this problem can be solved is here on this planet, but the majority of people have not even got beyond the physical plane and those who have are bowing down to this anomaly that they believe is one. In this approach, atheists are the calm and stability, those who do not believe that the spiritual world exists and can exclude this second spiritual reality where God is outside. There will be many things that were just as good as they were before this interference for good destroyed them."

"What do religions preach? Which reality?"

"To make it more complicated, this second spiritual reality, created by human belief, did not come about by chance, but no one has yet figured out why. Those who have figured out something from this are that they can rule such a world and will have an inescapable place in it, because there is no being who understands it. But then there was one who was born on a planet that was also created by an anomaly and created a unique world. This is where we live and this intervention would remove that uniqueness, our uniqueness, and put us in a place where, believe me, you do not want to live. If I were to start saying this one by one in all these lectures, it would be the same thing with all these lecturers. You would listen, you would admit how cool I am and nothing worthwhile would happen. Instead, I came up with something and started to implement it."


"The chances of understanding this are 47% if you dig into my website. But since this is already an advanced global occupation, it wouldn't make much sense to appeal to the masses anyway..."


"If the collective center says I burp pink bubbles and shit green rubber balls, masses will shout it at me and even protest it. I'll be such a ...ist and such a ...ist, because people with low vision, who will certainly not understand this, will certainly see me as some kind of ...ist and they won't mind if I'm also the opposite. Therefore, it is rather a good solution if I can find a few, but quality minded people who will start the work and not seek my favours."

"What kind of work?"

"They have their jobs in their minds."

"But what should they do?"

"They'll find out at work. And let people live their lives as they have been."

"Is there a rule about who? I mean, anyone regardless of race, gender, religion?"

"There's nothing like that in the parameters. If you meet it, you could be a Sirius alien."

"So you're not a racist?"

"Of course I am. I'm an ultra-racist. I'm also a sexist and a homophobe. I'm anything because I've joined the holo entertainment. I indicated that this second spiritual world was no accident. The solution to the biggest problem of long-lived and eternal beings is your life, I just did the framework right."

"What is this problem?"


"So blacks and arabs can participate in this?"

"It's just harder for them, because they live in basically earthly collective societies. But let's get something straight. I don't care at all if you're black. I do care if you do."