20 évvel ezelőtt találkoztam azzal a tudományos elmélettel, hogy a világunk holografikus szerkezetű és pont ekkor kezdtem bele a meditációimba. Eltelt 20 év, én 0-24-ben tudományos szemlélettel meditáltam, a tudomány pedig kezdi kezdi elfogadni a gyakorlatban is az elméletet. | I came across the scientific theory that our world is holographic 20 years ago and that's when I started my meditations. 20 years have passed, I have been meditating 0-24 with a scientific approach and science is beginning to accept the theory in practice.
Ez a weboldal jelenleg átépítés alatt áll, innen lesz elérhető az összes weboldalam | This website is currently under construction, all my websites will be available here

Our world is undergoing big changes. The primary reason for this is the shift in consciousness, or dimensional shift, which is much talked about in professional forums, but no one links it to changes in our world. Few people are able to see the signs of this in reality and my personal opinion is that hardly anyone understands the connections. Many believe that this dimensional shift is a spectacular event that takes us to another world. This process is now halfway through and afterwards the world will be no different than it was. Whether it will be different, and how different, is up to us in the present.

As fate would have it, I came into contact with spirituality in my early twenties and meditation in my early thirties. After that I meditated for 20 years, non-stop, very hard, for the purpose of sorting out the problems of this dimensional shift. This sorting out corresponds to a gigantic sorting out of consciousness, which, to fit in time, took place in my past life and also created a spiritual mutation in me that allowed me to reach what I call the deep trans realm of consciousness. All this outside of formal spiritual institutions, on a completely individual path and I feel it is important to provide the necessary information about these processes and the work I have done.

Because it was all done outside the formal institutions, it is literally a miracle how I was able to do this work for 20 years without any income and without the tension of civilisation. Practice has also proved that the donation system only sounds good in theory, in practice people are reluctant to pay for what they can get for free. The time has therefore come to radically change my online presence, adapting it to the new situation. The idea is to close down the websites I consider redundant and create three levels of content. The first tier is free, the second is easy to afford, and the third is a case of how easy it is to afford. The fourth and fifth levels are no longer in the public domain.

We live in a world with a holographic structure, in which matter is the same kind of information as the world in a computer adventure game. Evidence for this has been presented by several disciplines, but no one has yet interpreted the results in terms of spirituality. I have succeeded in doing so from a modern and objective point of view. It would surely be a hopeless undertaking to give an account of everything, but it is possible to establish five depths and from their point of view to point the way towards an understanding of the world which is far more appropriate to this earthly civilisation than anything that has gone before. Basically, the hologram works in such a way that what you believe is what you have and if you believe something other than what you have, it can create parallel realities for you to live in after you die. These parallel worlds are already created in your mundane life, but there comes a point when they cannot all exist at the same time.

What you'll find on my website is sometimes more information than you need, but certainly not less.