20 évvel ezelőtt találkoztam azzal a tudományos elmélettel, hogy a világunk holografikus szerkezetű és pont ekkor kezdtem bele a meditációimba. Eltelt 20 év, én 0-24-ben tudományos szemlélettel meditáltam, a tudomány pedig kezdi kezdi elfogadni a gyakorlatban is az elméletet. | I came across the scientific theory that our world is holographic 20 years ago and that's when I started my meditations. 20 years have passed, I have been meditating 0-24 with a scientific approach and science is beginning to accept the theory in practice.

Aquarius director instructions

Every zodiac sign has one. Mines are as follows:


If possible, do everything differently than the others

ÉlményPark holo operating system capable of 3D projection running on a consciousness network

Spiritual world

- does not want to submit
- traitor
- does not follow heaven's promptings
Scientific world

- he is a faker
- he doesn't have any papers on that
- I see no scientific approach here


Strive for libero status

1ST1 a game server for individual consciousnesses running on a network of consciousness

Spiritual world

- individualizes
- resists the collective and wants to be free
- he's a fool
Scientific world

- does not sign the confidentiality agreement
- does not do what we want him to do
- he's a fool


Make as big a mess as possible

DIZ | who proves and survives

Spiritual world

- I do not recognise him
- prove
- if he succeeds, we'll kill him somehow
Scientific world

- I do not recognise him
- prove
- if he succeeds, we'll kill him somehow

Conversation with Aquarius

- They say you are against God.

- Who says?

- Representatives of the spiritual world.

- The representatives of science say I'm against science.

- You're not against God?

- The beings of the spiritual world do not believe in God, but in something they see God in. Who or what is god? Ask them all the question and you may get many answers.

- Who or what do you think is god?

- Each dimension has a different meaning. But what I see as the common denominator is the source of their projections. But if I go further along that line and get to the one point from which everything is projected, no one will address that.

- Why?

- Because it's not really about God, it's about the hierarchies that are created and constructed with reference to it. Translated, it is power and the civilisations that arise from it.

- Where do you see the point?

- If the physical world is a holographic video game that we live and play in, I don't think the point of the game is to pray to the developers and administrators all day long. In a game, it's all about the game.

- What makes you think that nobody cares about the one point from which everything is projected?

- Everyone is obsessed with the higher dimensions. Or rather, the more higher dimensions you can get. There's nothing wrong with that, because that's what makes the world go on, but that's what takes them away from God.

- I don't understand that.

- If you go to the cinema and watch the bigger and bigger screen, the projector is still projecting from a point behind you.

- So god is in the 1st dimension?

- Maybe he is the 1st dimension.

- You yourself are talking about higher dimensions all the time.

- And also about the world evolving and the purpose of the game is not to kiss god's ass, but to play the game. Remember my example? No problem, I'll say it again. Now if I were to make it by force of my power obligatory for you to pray to me all day long, beg and kneel and sing my praises, what would you think of me?

- I would not have a very good opinion of you.

- Funny, you take that for granted when it comes to God.

- But you are not a god.

- The one you put it to is a god?

- For us it is.

- Where's the progress in that? If this is all you see of the world, I mean the nearest projection point, how will you see the next? As I watch, you will immediately crush every bud that would develop into this change.

- This question is a questioning of God's will.

- You do feel the limits of your possibilities, don't you?

- If you keep this up, our world will collapse.

- If you keep this up, you'll go mad with boredom.

- Not as long as we have purpose and work to do.

- To conquer others?

- An extension of God's purpose.

- And then what?

- We have no purpose in thinking for God.

- Who you thought was God is now my client. From a future where the enemies are gone and he has won. To you he is God, to me she is just another client. I act on his behalf.

- But you're destroying everything.

- On the one hand, I'm not destroying everything you've done. I'm restoring what you've destroyed.

- What reason would God have to ask you to do anything?

- Boredom. When he realizes he's run out of targets and you're the only ones left kneeling there for him.

- But if instead of God, everyone starts competing and fighting, it won't end well.

- It's not the game's fault, it's yours. But don't worry, I've done the thinking for you and created your own set of rules for your game. Which you can use to move slowly. I know you like 'everything right away', but that's the way it is. You know, it's there in your own teachings, which are always binding on others.

- How do you see our world?

- It's like a zoo where everyone is dressed as a human. And I look for signs of meaningful life beyond my front door.